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By : Seo Expert 19 or more times read
Submitted 2010-04-05 14:45:05
All sports, which involve the possibility of impact, require participants to wear protective mouth guards. However, it is often difficult to find a mouth guard that fits perfectly and custom ordering one can be expensive.

This is where Brain Pad Protective Solutions can help you.

Through their patented protective mouth guards, they have not only given you extra protection against impact, but also made a significant impact on the market while doing so.

Brain Pad protective mouth guards are patented pieces of protective gear that simply reposition the lower jaw down and slightly forward and secure and cushion it in a safety position. As a result, the ends of the jaw bone is protected from getting jammed into the base of the skull during sports-related impact.

With 16+ patents in place, no other protective mouth guards may be manufactured like the Brain-Pad.

In addition, Brain-Pad protective mouth guards are easy to custom fit, using a boil-and-bite technique. They can be cut to proper size, using large scissors or a knife.

If you have had difficulties breathing with protective mouth guards in the past, the Brain Pad mouth guard can help you. The front airway of the mouth guard is designed to allow free airflow. In addition, the wearer can talk much better with Brain-Pad protective mouth guards than with others. This is because the mouth guard’s structure allows allows wearers to get their tongue behind the front teeth for better articulation.

And if you have a gagging reflex, the Brain Pad’s protective mouth guard’s side flanges do not cover the gums and palate as much as some cheaper mouth guards. In addition, you can reduce gagging by trimming the guard’s length.

As you can see, Brain-Pad protective mouth guards offer more than simply protection against impact.

Brain-Pad protective mouth guards are long lasting—they can last an entire sport season or more. In addition, they do not require special cleaning and can be cleaned by toothpaste, mouthwash, antimicrobial cleaning agents or with Brain-Pad's portable, affordable, Chemical-Free sanitizing chamber dubbed NatureZone as it uses the power of Ozone - A naturally occuring Ion.

Brain-Pad protective mouth guards offer significant advantages over custom-made mouth guards, which may not position and secure the lower jaw away from the base of the skull during impact.

In addition, dental guards only protect the teeth and usually do not have a built-in space to facilitate constant breathing. A brain-pad offers more features and is easy to fit.

Brain-Pad protective mouth guards have been endorsed by a number of international sporting bodies including the International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association, the International Kickboxing Federation, and the International Sport Combat Federation.

For more information on protective mouth guards that will help protect you from sports-related impact, visit BrainPads.
Author Resource:- Brain-Pads allows customers to buy mouth guards suited to every sport, providing the best mouth guard for use as a basketball mouth guard, boxing mouth guard, football mouth guard, ice hockey mouth guard and more. For more information, visit


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