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How does a Brain-Pad Protect better than other guards ?

It is a patented piece of protective gear that simply repositions the lower jaw down and slightly forward and locks it in a safety position so that impacts from sports keep the end of the jaw from getting slammed into the TMJ & base of skull. With 16+ patents in place, no other guards may be manufactured like the Brain-Pad. It is superior technology when compared to any other mouth guard.

Does it require a dentist to custom fit?

No, the Brain-Pad is easy to custom fit by boil-and-bite technique in a matter of minutes. It can be cut to proper size with large scissors or a knife.  Kids have an adult cut the Brain-Pad if needed !

Should the Brain-Pad be cut down as small as possible to make it more comfortable?

No, smaller isn't necessarily better or more comfortable. Unlike regular mouthguards, the Protector is more comfortable when it covers all the teeth and the wearer gets used to it. In some cases the wearer will salivate more for the first couple of uses. This
will naturally correct itself in a few uses.

Will I be able to breathe?

Yes, absolutely! In fact the front airway will allow free airflow and lets the wearer talk better than with most mouthguards. This is because the structure of the Protector allows the wearer to get their tongue behind the front teeth and allows better articulation.

I have a bad gagging reflex. Will the BP make me gag ?

The Protector's side flanges do not cover the gums and palate as much as some cheaper guards, and few gaggers report discomfort. Gagging can be reduced by trimming the guard's length - Follow Instructions included. Also, rounding the inside, rear lower flanges will reduce any gagging.

How long will a Brain-Pad last?

The Protector can easily last a full sport season or more. The wearer should take proper care of it by cleaning regularly and storing in the protective case. It is recommended that the Protector be replaced after each full sports season or as soon as the back portions are flattened out from clenching or chewing. And there are  athletes who have used the Protector for two or more sports seasons.

Does it require special cleaning?

No special cleaning needed. All oral appliances and cases should be cleaned regularly with toothpaste or mouthwash or any anti-microbial cleaning agent. When not in use, it should be stored in its protective case.
How does the Brain-Pad protect better than a mouthguard that is custom made by a dentist?

Custom made mouthguards may not position and secure the lower jaw away from the base of the skull. Dental guards are generally over-priced, and only protect the teeth, and usually do not have a constant-air breathe space built in.  A Brain-Pad offers more standardized features, and is easy to fit.


What happens if I bite through the Protector in just a few weeks? Some athletes have a very strong bit due to highly developed jaw muscles. If you actually bite through a Brain-Pad, save it, and call us for an exchange. You will need to send us your original guard to get a replacement.

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