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Why Stock 8 SKU’s When It Can Be Done With 2 ?

New Designs Cut SKU’s By 75% !

Brain-Pad's SKU reducing:
3XS, PRO+PLUS® & LoPro+PLUS Mouth Guards

Stand alone in the industry.

Now the athlete can participate with a strap for their helmeted sport,
and then participate without the strap in their non-helemted sport.

Functionality and flexibility - All this with only 2 sku’s for
the Retailer to handle !

The competition needs 8 sku’s to accommodate all of these participants:
1) Adult- Strap model 5) Adult – Strap braces model
2) Youth- Strap model 6) Youth – Strap braces model
3) Adult- Strapless model 7) Adult – Strapless braces model
4) Youth- Strapless model
8) Youth – Strapless braces model

Because all Brain-Pad models fit over braces, even the standard models can do, in four sku’s,
what it takes the competition to do in eight. This is obviously because you eliminate the need
for separate braces models.

Retailers tell us that the less sku’s they have to stock, the more back
up inventory they can buy.
This results in reducing the risk of running out
of stock at peak sales seasons and cuts down on replenishment orders.

Retailers have shown us that this is a more profitable way to satisfy
inventory requirements and consumer demand.




External Head & Wrist Protection

Recommended by: AIBA

LoPRO Model Info

High Performance Model INFO


International Technology Mandate: IKF & ISCF

International Technology Mandate: ISKA