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Competitor Quotes:

Mike Samuel, 3 year starting QB at The Univ. of Wisconsin, a BIG 10 School, led his team
to the Rose Bowl wearing The BRAIN-PAD. “ I took some vicious hits running the option
and I feel the Brain-Pad helped kept me "TMJ-INJURY-FREE" all 3 seasons.”.

- QB, Mike Samuel

Jason wrote: "Had Brain-Pad on my banner in Bellator too! 46 fights never been
jaw-injured or lost a tooth! I get hit and I keep coming at them!


"It is very good for athletes to use espcially young atheletes to protect there heads so
injuries never happen. The Brain-Pad adds strength in competition, also good safety
for jaw shots, and my biggest thing is breathing - It allows you to breathe better than
any other !"

- Jared Franklin, Intl. Professional, TKD Atrist & 10 year Brain-Pad user.


“ I have worn the BP for over a decade now. I recommend the Brain-Pad for all practitioners
of the Martial Arts. If you’re on my San Shu Team, or in my facilities - You’re wearing the

- Cung Le - Master Martial Artist Guru, Champion and instructor


“ We have had NO JAW INJURIES in the 1st 4 months. I attribute our
success to the lack of injuries that normally occur WITHOUT the BRAIN-PAD.
We endorse the BP to our direct competitors(teams) to ensure safety in our sport. ”.

- Jim Gaine, Head Coach - Clemson Rugby


“ I’ve been wrestling since age 6 and have seen: Broken arms, broken teeth,
broken jaws, cut bleeding lips . . Etc. I’ve seen guys ‘go flat’ on the mat from not
being able to breathe. Since using the BP, I have not had 1 jaw injury, not
1 chipped tooth and no bloody lips (when I had braces). The BP let’s me breathe
when caught in statemates - I won’t wrestle without it ! “.

- Tom Jabberowski, Stand-Out, NJ H.S. Wrestler


I was approached by another mouth guard company and asked to endorse their
guard. I took a look and quickly turned them down. It didn't come close to the
technology and quality Brain-Pad offers. Impacts to the helmet can transmit energy
into the TMJ causing injury. I've seen a lot of needless jaw injuries because the
rider was using an inferior mouth guard.

- Lyle Sankey, Rodeo Legend & Instructor


“ Before using the Brain-Pad, my eyes would bludge, my hearing would go away.
My teeth are chipped and cracked from years of clenching ! After 9 yrs of training
my MAX squat was 650 lbs. The st time I used the BP High Performance model,
I got 700lbs ! I could BEATHE and my face did not ven get RED ! I'm showing the
BP to my club ! I LOVE IT ! ".



" I love the breathing. LAX is a running sport with contact and I feel protected and
have more energy for the whole game. What a great invention ! " .

- Travelling Team LAX competitor

Has the Brain-Pad protected you, or helped your performance in your sport ?

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