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Tae Kwon Do - Parent of his son's reclaiming of Indiana state sparring championship

I wanted to take a second and say thank you for making the great line of products you do.  My son was the winner of the AAU Indiana State Tae Kwon Do championship for his division in sparring in 2012.  Since then about half of our tournament team now wears Brain Pad.  He has never sustained a serious injury while wearing it, and we are believers in the product.  On Saturday, March 22nd, Alex was once again competing at state.
He successfully reclaimed his title by a final score of 21-1 !  The highest compliment I can given you as a parent is that I trust you[Brain-Pad Inc] enough that I trust the safety of my son to your product.



FOOTBALL - From: Coast High School:

Last year I was able to purchase the Brain pad lo pro mouth guards for some of the players on our football team. Again this time of year we are looking to place an order but this year the coach is making these mouthpieces mandatory due to the reduction in injuries as well as the brain-pad’s ability to comfort and allow clearance for a player who had subluxed his jaw last year!

Let’s just say he was impressed.

Thank you, Meaghan Beaudoin
Coast Union High School Athletic Trainer


FOOTBALL - From: The University of Tennessee,
Head Athletic Trainer -

"The rationale behind it is physiologically sound," said Keith Clements, head athletic trainer at Tennessee where the football team has been using Brain-Pad since 2003. "I can say without a shadow of a doubt, from an anecdotal standpoint, it has helped us decrease our incidence of injuries. It certainly helps prevent the sort of injury that
occurs when someone gets hit in the jaw or they clench down their teeth and take a blow. It creates a shock-absorber effect."


Martial Arts
From: Kain's Martial Arts: 2008

Thank you for this shipment. My students immediately started using
your product the first day we got them. There has been nothing but a positive responce to the Brain-Pads

......thank you!

Thank you, William Kain
Kain's Martial Arts


Martial Arts - From: Kain's Martial Arts: 2009

Hello Mr. Samuel,

Over the past year I have tried out Brain-Pads mouthpieces in my school. You will be glad to here I have found your Brain-Pad mouthpieces have worked like a charm in situations where a student would have been injured from a "well placed kick". They have also been a mouthpiece that provides great breathing ability durring a sparring match. Attached to this email you will find an order for some Lo-Pro+ Mouthpieces. If youwould, could you also include some sales lititure or posters I could hang in my school and put in my monthly news letters. I would like to spead throughout the community, the effectiveness of Brain-Pads mouthpieces.

Thank You,

William Kain
Kain's Martial Arts
5935 East 1015 North
Demotte, IN. 46310


Ice Hockey - From: Karl Hecker (parent),

Once my son started checking, after the Pee-wee level, he began to have headaches after practices and games.

After using the Brain-Pad guard, his headaches disappeared ! It was really amazing to find out that the headaches were related to his lower jaw being allowed to fly free and strike his TMJ sockets. It was night and day, without and WITH the Brain-Pad. Amazing! It has been 5 seasons using the Brain-Pad now and "No headaches" and no jaw injuries either !

Great Product !

P.S. : We have already decided to try the CLENCHER guard when he plays soccer this spring.

Thanks again !
Hockey Parent, Karl Hecker, NH


MX - From: Father of Youth Rider Colton Bragg:

As a parent of an extreme athlete, I would hope we do as much as possible to protect our kids without impeding their competitiveness in their sport. I believe the Brain-Pad will help him succeed, not impede him. If it prevents one injury or one broken tooth it
will have more than paid for itself.

Thank you for helping this parent be just a little less nervous when he's flying over a 100' jump! By the way, he loves having the lanyard attached so he can take it out when he wants to talk. He loves the Brain-Pad, he will not ride unless he has it and even wears it around his neck between races. We have had several people come up and ask about the Brain-Pad and I don't have to say a word, Colt tells them all about it and tells them he won't ride without it! What an outstanding product!


Eric Bragg, father - #92 Colton Bragg 65cc 7-9yr. old class

( 2nd email )

. . . we are heading to PA on Thurs. for the first regional. Racing is Sat. and Sun. Colt was on fire and still should do well this weekend but he has had two good spills the last two weeks:

The last crash he had, he hit so hard he bit through the edge of the Brain-Pad but never once complained of any pain, just a bruised and sprained shoulder and a shiner.

No way he walks away without a jaw/TMJ injury without the BRAIN-PAD mouthguard.

Know of six riders wearing the Brain-Pad now and had alot of people ask about it at the out of state tracks.

PA, IL, OH, MI are where he has
wins the last 5 weeks. Thanks!".

- Eric Bragg


MX - From - Midwest Freestyle MA -
A BIG AIR exibition team

I thought I should let you know that we got a chance to get some BIG AIR today and put your guards to the test.

No offence intended, but we were more or less expecting a bulky, awkward piece of plastic better suited for use under a football or hockey helmet.

You should be pleased to know that we could not have been more wrong. We were very happy with how comfortable and easy to use these guards were.

We plan on keeping them in our gear bags and using them in the future.

I actually had a close encounter with my handlebars today and can't tell you how excited I am to still have all of my teeth in place.

I was impressed.

Thanks again ! - Midwest Freestyle MX -


MX - From: The leading Female Suzuki Motocross Team
in the Tri-State Area

Hi, we are a female motocross team:

At a routine dental visit, i found out how much damage the motocross had done to my jaw, including a crack in it!!

My husband had me get a mouth guard to use, and we picked Brain-Pad for lady athletes. It fits and is so much more comfortable!! We had a bad spill, but I came out just fine and rode off.

No injury and no jaw pain. Thank you for making a product for ladies!!

Keep up the good work!

John and Tammy Longacre

Boyertown PA
2004 Raceway Park Women's Track Champion, 2004 Northeast Classics
Series Women's Co-Champion
The leading Female Suzuki Motocross Team in the Tri-State Area


H.S. Rodeo - Rough Stock Bullrider: Josh Skeen

My name is Joshua Skeen and I am a member in the top 10 of theFlorida highschool Rodeo association in the Bull Riding . I use you brainpad mouth guard which you so graciously provided again this year. I feel like you have given me the finest protection available and would like to share a situation with you that I feel your product saved me alot of damage to my face and possibly the inside of my head !!!

I was in Williston Florida at an open bullriding when I hung up to a 1800 lb high horned holy terror ! I was struck unlimited times in the chin and face by this beast and even though I wear a helment, (which he had ripped off my head) I only sustained contusions which I credit to your mouth guard !!

Thank you and your great company so much for providing the roughstock riders of the Florida Highschool Rodeo Association the Brain Pad !!!

Josh Skeen

Live Oak , Florida


FOOTBALL - Subject: H.S. Football Mother Testimonial

The school sports trainer suggested that we look into a "Brain Pad" mouth piece.
So I ordered one for his Sophomore year.  Junior year, same story. I am buying one more for his senior year !

We have been very happy with our purchases.


FOOTBALL - From: Mark Burke, Athletic Director:


The product is fantastic ! I have required all of our football players who are able to wear them to do so. It is my understanding that kids with
braces cannot... Is this true?

Mark Burke, Athletic Director,
Chestnut Hill Academy

[ Answer: No. Not True. BP's are designed to
protect AND fit over braces.


Martial Arts - Subject: Compliments !

Dear "Brain Pads": I am a physician presently working in the field of critical care. My son is the youngest black belt in the history of TaeKwon Do (International) in Canada. He is currently the World champion (visa vie the International TaeKwon Do Federation World Cup Orlando 2004) with gold medals for patterns and sparring.
He is also the PanAmerican Champion. My daughter is the Western Canadian Champion working towards a world championship.

Having seen them fight with other mouth guards I will only ever let them fight with the mouth guard of champions... Brain Pad. You have designed a superior product that gives combative martial artists a huge edge;

trust me , I've seen the difference. Congratulations on all of your hard work. Hard work makes champions.

Well done.

Dr. J M Deptuch


Medical - From: Crystal Lake Orthopaedic
Surgery & Sports Medicine, LTD -

Enclosed is a recent article about injury risk and the use of your product, Brain-Pad. Please feel free to use this article in your marketing media.

As you already know, I strongly endorse the use of the Brain-Pad in all contact sports.


Bruce Taira RN, ATC, LAT


FOOTBALL - From: A 13 yr. old Football Player:
Tate Tatum,
Linebacker / Fullback.

Team: PW Port Orange Hawks, FL:

" . . . of ALL the mouthguards I have ever worn . . . I LOVE this one ! "

Tate Tatum

[ Tate uses the PRO+PLUS - Recommended for Football Players along with the 3XS guard. The LoPro+ is also a very good choice for football - A Slightly smaller but still protective guard.]


Medical - From: Christy Halbert, Ph.D.

I put your new guard through my own test, and then introduced the guards to my elite travel team. All three chose the Lo Pro+, and all three boxers love it. I currently coach mostly female boxers for international competition. The boxers and I have a lot of boxing experience, and have tried dozens of mouth guards over the years. Two of the boxers had previously reported not being able to breathe easily through their nose when boxing.
Lo Pro+ has an opening that stays open, allowing air to pass easily, even when clinching the teeth. The Lo Pro+ was easy to cut down
to size, and sets well. We would all recommend the Lo Pro+ to anyone searching for a mouth guard.

I am already passing along our findings to the boxing/martial arts people with whom I have contact. Safety of the boxer is our utmost concern in amateur boxing. The recent death of Becky Zerlentes is a harsh reminder that all sports carry risk. My introduction to your company is timely, and I would like to continue the discussion about mouthguards with you and the boxing family.

Sincerely, Christy Halbert, Ph.D.

USA Womens Boxing / The Boxing Resource Center


FOOTBALL - From: Michael Coons To: Bill Samuel.

Subject: Mouthpiece testimonial - from one of our player's mom:

"Dear Coach Coons,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the new mouthpiece has been for Jason. He used to always have a headache after practices and the football game. He would come home and take two Extra-Strength Tylenol and it would help somewhat. Since using the new mouthpiece, he has had no headaches! I don't know if it's because he can breathe better or the alignment of his jaw is now correct when using the mouthpiece. It's the best $20.00 I've spent ! Thank you so much for making the mouthpiece available to the team."


April Sue Billings

Bill, How about that!!?
Mike Coons, Francis Scott Key High School, Union Bridge, MD


FOOTBALL - Subject: Re: Brain Pad, CNBC TV.


Thanks for the Email. By the way, the BrainPad I used on my blue-chip defensive lineman worked like a charm. He played an outstanding spring game (3 sacks, 11 tackles, 5 behind the line of scrimmage) in front of some of the biggest scouts in college football (Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma).

I give the BrainPad full credit for saving his playing career. I
highly endorse your product. No football player should be without one.

hanks again,

Tim Ferren, ATC. Health Rehabilitation of Merritt Island, Merritt Island
High School - Head Athletic Trainer


FOOTBALL - Subject: The Brain-Pad -


We will be passing out the flyer to the parents at our physicals on Sat. May 18th. We will place the order for those interested this summer.

Thanks for the sample.

Joel Zeller, L.A.T., Head Athletic Trainer, John Horn H.S., Mesquite, Tx.


FOOTBALL - Subject: Re: What Coaches & Players are
saying about the Brain-Pad




FOOTBALL - coach, NM

hello Mr. Samuel,

My name is sam jernigan, i coach at roswell goddard high school in roswell new mexico. we have been using your mouth piece for several years. the first in new mexico. we have had great success with it and promote it regularly. its that time of year again to place an order. could i get a quote from you on 50 brain pads?



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