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New generation Oral Appliance Sanitizer & Deodorizer


Removes Foul Smells & Tastes from any oral appliance.
Destroys infectious germs found inside oral appliances.

Foul breath odors from bacteria on retainers are now manageable.
Kills drug-resistant strains of: MRSA, STAPH, STREP, e-Coli.

Is it NEEDED ? You decide - Germs found inside Mouth guards!


No chemicals needed.  No refills needed. Push-button Activation.
Auto-shut-off. Battery operated. 100% portable.  Fast 3 minute Cycle.

® Press Release

NatureZone® comes in 2 versions:

The original just got better!
Now with AC adapter option. Still works with 4 AAA Batteries while on the go!
Click image to begin ordering the 200-DIS Model with AC adapter cord -


NatureZone is a patented sanitizing & deodorizing chamber that floods the chamber with aggressive Ozone molecules that destroy bacteria hiding deep in oral appliance plastics.
Click image to begin ordering this 100-DIS model, direct from Brain-Pad, Inc.


Stop buying replacement chemicals and tablets.  NatureZone offers a push button 3min auto-shut-off cycle, destroys germs and removes germ-created odors and tastes from many hygiene items as well as its primary use – Maintaining oral appliance integrity.

*Note – The original NatureZone[model 100-DIS] does not have an AC cord port and cannot accept the AC cord for power.  NatureZone model 200-DIS includes the AC Adapter port and the wall-plug-ready power cord.

NatureZone® Sanitizes & Deodorizes many personal health items:



A letter from Dr. Robert Mongrain, DMD:

Mouth guards are a great place for germs to grow.

The repeated wearing of an appliance without proper
disinfection is an ideal way to contaminate a mouth guard.

In this day of super germs and antibiotic resistant bacteria
this is more of a concern than ever. MRSA and other super
bugs are in plentiful supply in a locker room. With the frequent
contact with surfaces mouthguards can pick up these germs.

In addition even normal skin bacteria such as staph can
contaminate a wound.  So it is very important that anything
contacting tissue be properly cared for.

Most mouthguards are porous and have many micro-fissures
(nooks and crannies) that can harbor bacteria even if appliances
are scrubbed by hand.

With the naturezone ozone process there is no place on the
appliance where the pathogens will be safe from the ozone Ions.

The simplicity of a battery operated device that doubles as a
carrying case will also increase the frequency of use. The
more often the appliance is disinfected, the safer and healthier
it will be to wear.

Robert Mongrain DMD | 8701 S. Garnett Rd. | Broken Arrow OK 74012
office: 918.250.9528


Using Ultra Violet light, & Ozone(03), NatureZone® kills
99.9% of germs & viruses in only 3mins!

MRSA Testing Results .PDF - Successfully Destroys MRSA
in  3mins !

How does Ozone Sanitize oral appliances?

What can I sanitize & deodorize with NatureZone®


. . . and many other household, & personal items !
Not very many pathogens gets past aggressive Ozone Ions!

Excellent Additional Information:

Additional NatureZone® Press Releases

More Product technology Info

With push button activation, the compartment is flooded with UV
Light, and 'germ-hungry ' Ozone(03) Ions.

The fastest, easiest way to fight foul smells, tastes & infectious germs !


Nature Zone(R) Info

NATURE ZONE(R) Technology

Nature Zone Destroys Germs !

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Member of: Intl. Ozone Association