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BRAIN-PAD Mix Martial Arts Success Stories !

Adam Marshall

08/2012 - My son won the AAU State championship this year for his divison in TKD at the Indiana State Championships.
He went on to earn a Bronze Medal at Nationals and is now #3 in the country in his division.
We only use your produc
t and I am attaching a photo of him on the podium getting his Gold
medal and you can see the mouth guard plain as day. I recently had to replace his mouth guard
and of course got another brain pad. If ever we can give a testimonial or endorse your produc
please let us know.

You make great stuff! Keep up the good work.


Martial Arts
Subject: Compliments !

Dear "Brain Pads": I am a physician presently working in the field of critical
care. My son is the youngest black belt in the history of TaeKwon Do
(International) in Canada. He is currently the World champion (visa vie the
International TaeKwon Do Federation World Cup Orlando 2004) with gold
medals for patterns and sparring.
He is also the PanAmerican Champion. My daughter is the Western Canadian
Champion working towards a world championship.

Having seen them fight with other mouth guards I will only ever let them
fight with the mouth guard of champions...Brain Pad. You have designed a
superior product that gives combative martial artists a huge edge;
trust me,
I've seen the difference.

Congratulations on all of your hard work. Hard work makes champions.

Well done.

Dr. J M Deptuch




Martial Arts - From: Kain's Martial Arts: 2008

Thank you for this shipment. My students immediately started useing
your product the first day we got them. There has been nothing but a
positive responce to the Brain Pads...
...thank you!

Thank you, William Kain
Kain's Martial Arts


Martial Arts - From: Kain's Martial Arts: 2009

Hello Mr. Samuel,

Over the past year I have tried out Brain-Pads mouthpieces in my
school. You will be glad to here I have found your Brain-Pad mouthpieces
have worked like a charm in situations where a student would have been
knocked out from a "well placed kick". They have also been a mouthpiece
that provides great breathing ability durring a sparring match. Attached to
this email you will find an order for some Lo-Pro+ Mouthpieces. If you
would, could you also include some sales lititure or posters I could hang
in my school and put in my monthly news letters. I would like to spead
throughout the community, the effectiveness of Brain-Pads mouthpieces.

Thank You,

William Kain
Kain's Martial Arts
5935 East 1015 North
Demotte, IN. 46310


Martial Arts - From: Eric G., Houston, TX, MMA Competitor, 06 2009

Dear Mr. Samuel,

I am writing you to tell you that I love the BRAIN-PAD WPR-300 High-Performance
mouthpiece.  I've "rolled" with it several times in jiu-jitsu class already, and now I
won't use any other mouthpiece.  Not only does the WPR-300 protect my mouth &
and jaw better than any other mouthpiece I've ever worn, but also I can now breathe
more easily, allowing me to last longer in rounds without getting winded.  I have
already recommended this mouthpiece to others and will continue to do so.

Eric G., TX



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