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BRAIN-PAD Rodeo Success Stories !

RODEO - From: Cody's Mom, Marla Reynolds

I do hope this gets to the right place. My son Cody purchased your model
WIP-205 model. He wanted to join the High School Rodeo team this year.
However, before his helmet came in, him and two fo his buddies decided
to participate in a JR. Rodeo. Cody came down as the bull's head came up.
This knocked him out and he fell beneath the bull, the bull then stepped on
his chest. However, he was wearing a jacket. I wish more kids would use
these safety products.

But thank you for your wonderful mouthpiece - Cody never lost any teeth.

The doctors couldn't believe it.

I wish you could see the video. You would swear he would loss all
his teeth and have other serious injuries!

Thanks again for your wonderful product. I know Cody will be wearing
it everytime he climbs on a bull.

Cody's Mom, Marla Reynolds


H.S. Rodeo - Rough Stock Bullrider: Josh Skeen

My name is Joshua Skeen and I am a member in the top 10 of the Florida
highschool Rodeo association in the Bull Riding . I use you brainpad mouth
guard which you so graciously provided again this year. I feel like you have
given me the finest protection available and would like to share a situation
with you that I feel your product saved me alot of damage to my teeth and
Jaw sockets !!!

I was in Williston Florida at an open bullriding when I hung up to a 1800 lb high
horned holy terror ! I was struck unlimited times in the chin and face by this
beast and even though I wear a helmet , (which he had ripped off my head)
I only sustained contusions - No other jaw or teeth issues which I credit to your
mouth guard !!

Thank you and your great company so much for providing the roughstock
riders of the Florida Highschool Rodeo Association the Brain Pad !!!

Josh Skeen

Live Oak , Florida


H.S. RODEO - From: Parent - Mark Black

My son Josh took another bad fall last week that sent him to the Trauma Unit by
helicopter. And his best friend got bucked off and stomped on pretty bad and was
taken to the ER also; both of them were lucky.

Both boys were wearing the LO-PRO model and along with their protective vest;
theyboth walked out of the hospital the same day.

Thank You,

Parent - Mark Black

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