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BRAIN-PAD MX Success Stories !

MX - From: Father of Youth Rider Colton Bragg:

As a parent of an extreme athlete, I would hope we do as much as possible to protect
our kids without impeding their competitiveness in their sport. I believe the Brain-Pad
will help him succeed, not impede him. If it prevents one base of skull injury or one broken
tooth it will have more than paid for itself.

Thank you for helping this parent be just a little less nervous when he's flying over
a 100' jump! By the way, he loves having the lanyard attached so he can take it out
when he wants to talk. He loves the Brain-Pad, he will not ride unless he has it and
even wears it around his neck between races. We have had several people come up
and ask about the Brain-Pad and I don't have to say a word, Colt tells them all about
it and tells them he won't ride without it! What an
outstanding product!


Eric Bragg, father - #92 Colton Bragg 65cc 7-9yr. old class

( 2nd email )

. . . we are heading to PA on Thurs. for the first regional. Racing is Sat. and Sun.
Colt was on fire and still should do well this weekend but he has had two good
spills the last two weeks:

The last crash he had, he took most of the impact on his head and shoulder. He
hit so hard he bit through the edge of the Brain-Pad but never once complained
of any head pain, just a bruised and sprained shoulder and a shiner.

No way he walks away without a TMJ injury without the BRAIN-PAD mouthguard.

Know of six riders wearing the Brain-Pad now and had alot of people ask about it
at the out of state tracks.

PA, IL, OH, MI are where he has
wins the last 5 weeks. Thanks!". - Eric Bragg


MX - From - Midwest Freestyle MA - A BIG AIR exibition Team

I thought I should let you know that we got a chance to get some BIG AIR today
and put your guards to the test.

No offence intended, but we were more or less expecting a bulky, awkward piece
of plastic better suited for use under a football or hockey helmet.

You should be pleased to know that we could not have been more wrong. We
were very happy with how comfortable and easy to use these guards were.

We plan on keeping them in our gear bags and using them in the future.

I actually had a close encounter with my handlebars today and can't tell you how
excited I am to still have all of my teeth in place

I was impressed.

Thanks again ! - Midwest Freestyle MX -


MX - From: The leading Female Suzuki Motocross Team in
the Tri-State Area

Hi, we are a female motocross team:

At a routine dental visit, i found out how much damage the motocross had done
to my jaw, including a crack in it!!

My husband had me get a mouth guard to use, and we picked Brain Pad for lady
athletes. It fits and is so much more comfortable!! We had a bad spill, but I came
out just fine and rode off.

No jaw pain wearing the guard. Thank you for making a product for ladies!!

Keep up the good work!

John and Tammy Longacre

Boyertown PA
2004 Raceway Park Women's Track Champion, 2004 Northeast Classics Series
Women's Co-Champion.

The leading Female Suzuki Motocross Team in the Tri-State Area
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