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BRAIN-PAD Medical/Professional Success Stories !

Medical - From: Christy Halbert, Ph.D.

I put your new guard through my own test, and then introduced the guards to my elite
travel team. All three chose the Lo Pro+, and all three boxers love it. I currently coach
mostly female boxers for international competition. The boxers and I have a lot of
boxing experience, and have tried dozens of mouth guards over the years. Two of the
boxers had previously reported not being able to breathe easily through their nose
when boxing. Lo Pro+ has an opening that stays open, allowing air to pass easily, even
when clinching the teeth. The Lo Pro+ was easy to cut down to size, and sets well. We
would all recommend the Lo Pro+ to anyone searching for a mouth guard.

I am already passing along our findings to the boxing/martial arts people with whom I
have contact. Safety of the boxer is our utmost concern in amateur boxing. The recent
death of Becky Zerlentes is a harsh reminder that all sports carry risk. My introduction
to your company is timely, and I would like to continue the discussion about mouthguards
with you and the boxing family.

Sincerely, Christy Halbert, Ph.D.

USA Womens Boxing / The Boxing Resource Center




Medical - From: Dr. Mark J. Piacine, D.D.S. -

Thank you for asking me to review your new mouth guard designs. The first thing I
noticed about this type of protector is that it covers all the teeth. The regular, upper-
only type guards do not do this. The breathe space is a good addition to mouth guard
design, and the spacing it creates to proptect the TMJ complex is revolutionary.

I don't know why any competitor or parent for that matter would not use this
protection. It would be like not wearing a seat belt in an automobile.

The world of contact sports just got much safer thanks to this simple yet effective
sport safety device.

Very nice product,


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