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Why a BRAIN-PAD® for Wrestling ?

All Teeth & Braces coverage -
Jaw-Joint & Base of
Skull Protection, and Increased Constant Breathing -
only from Brain-Pad's Jaw-joint ProtectorTM line-up.

Read new WISCONSIN Wrestling Mouth guard Regulations:

. . . Brain-Pads meet & exceed all requirements !

w_kid_video_pic01.gif w_kid_video_pic02.gif w_kid_video_pic03.gif
-An Unprotected jaw and the consequences-
w_kid_video_pic04.gif w_kid_video_pic06.gif

Recommended Models for Wrestling:
3xs-wp1 pro_hdr_160x133 lopro_hdr_160x133ii
AAAno mouth guardAAAAAA
" Jaw Joint ProtectorTM "

" I have tried many different upper mouth guards, but I could not breathe at all.
I even tried a custom dental guard, but kept spitting it out during my matches
to get a breath. I have braces and my lips would get cut over and over - All
season long. The Brain-Pad covers all my teeth, has a large breathe space built
in and secures my lower jaw which protects me from jaw hits. I can breathe
great even while clenching. Since using this mouth guard, I have not had 1
cut lip, or chipped tooth - I won't Wrestle without it ! ".

Benefits when wearing the BRAIN-PAD:

1) Pressure / blows to the jaw & TMJ are reduced ! 2) Clench & Breathe design -
"Out Breathe" your opponent when locked in stalemates !
3) Covers ALL teeth -
No More Bloody, Cut Lips ! Designed to protect all braces !
4) Cross faces do not stop your breathing ! 5) Chin/Jaw impacts
from your opponent or the mat are reduced !
6) PCA - Power Clench Activation design can recover lost strength from TMJ damage !

3xs-wp1 pro_hdr_160x133 lopro_hdr_160x133ii
UNDEFEATED ! . . . The Brandon Eagles Team wears

Brain-Pad® Jaw-Joint Protectors™

National Record Holders - Longest winning streak in the history
of any high school sport - 459 consecutive wins !

Attention Coaches - Get your entire Team or Organization
outfitted with BP's with our Group Order Team Flyer.
$5.00 off each Jaw-Joint ProtectorTM & FREE Shipping !

Get your Team protected.

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Team Sports Director or call:
610 397 0893 EST.

Super Bug MRSA, Sweat, and Wrestling mats Article
...chances of catching the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus
Aureus skin infection, or MRSA, increases drastically
for high school and college wrestlers...
...And if you have an ortho. retainer that smells/tastes bad...


Brain-Pad offers its NatureZone® for oral cavity
protection.  The oral cavity allows pathogens
access to the human body. Every home should have one !



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