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"Why Brain-Pad ?"

! ! ! 1000's of .lbs 'Coming-down on your face' why ! ! !


From Glory seeking to being stomped on in just seconds !
RIDERS - GET PROTECTED then go for the GLORY !
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Cody came down as the bull's head came up . . ."

From: Cody's Mom, Marla R.

I do hope this gets to the right place. My son Cody purchased your model
WIP-205 model. He wanted to join the High School Rodeo team this year.
However, before his helmet came in, him and two fo his buddies decided
to participate in a JR. Rodeo. Cody came down as the bull's head came up.
This knocked him hard in the face and he fell beneath the bull, the bull then
stepped on his chest. However, he was wearing a protective jacket.
He did receive a compressed lung which did inflate on its own.
I wish more kids would use these safety products.

But thank you for your wonderful mouthpiece - Cody never lost any teeth!

The doctors couldn't believe it.

I wish you could see the video. You would swear he would loss all
his teeth and have a serious jaw-based injury!

Thanks again for your wonderful product. I know Cody will be wearing
it everytime he climbs on a bull.

Cody's Mom, Marla R.

_ sankeyrodeo2010logo125 LYLE SANKEY RODEO SCHOOLS

National Little Britches Rodeo • NATIONAL LITTLE BRITCHES


Rider using the PRO+PLUS Model
It's a shock-absorber for your SKULL and JAW !

Endorsement of BRAIN-PAD Technology:


"Today's most positive piece of protective gear!"
- Letter from - Lyle Sankey NFR Champion

From: Lyle Sankey/Sankey Rodeo Schools

Sankey Rodeo Schools has been distributing Brain-Pad's to our
students and rodeo participants for about 9 years now
and there is a story here, of rider protection that must be told:

To begin with, we had an associate that was looking to quit riding
bare back (broncs). When I got him to try the Brain-Pad
he was able to extend his career another couple of years!

This was the first indication of the Brain-Pad's effectiveness and
the major consideration in "Sankey Rodeo Schools/Lyle Sankey" going
with the Brain-Pad over the others who, at the time were trying to
sign us. I've never regretted the decision. It's proven time and again
to bethe right guard for our program, our students, and our
valued pro athletes.

I wish I would have tracked the number of injuries we had before
the use of the Brain-Pad so we could compare it to now... now. Before,
jaw and tooth injuries were something we saw on a very regular basis.
Rodeo, bronc, and bull riding, is a physical sport. Since the use of the
Brain-Pad we've seen jaw/mouth injuries become much less. Now it's
something that happens once in a while but with much less
frequency. The technology built into the Brain-Pad provides the best
in physical protection. We have found the use of the LoPro+ Model works
great for our students at our schools. But, I do make the top riders
I work with and meet, aware of the most protective Brain-Pad models
because of the risk and danger of their class of riding.

If I didn't believe in the results we've seen the past several years
we'd have moved on long ago.

There's been multiple companies want to sign myself and the schools to
endorse their products but I haven't seen anything that I can trust like
we do the Brain-Pad. Of course, the LoPro model and
now the LoPro+ was a perfect fit for rodeo application. It's
opened up an entire new acceptance to jaw-joint protectors
with our student athletes.

Lyle Sankey/Sankey Rodeo Schools

rodeo mouth pieces helmets

- Lyle has backed BRAIN-PAD since 2003 ! -

"Jaw-based Injuries are the most frequent,
major injuries in rodeo. "
- Lyle Sankey

I am encouraged with the progress you have made
in preventing one of sports most concerning
injuries. I know the difference even a partial
reduction in jaw-impacts would have made in my
competitive career. I’ve already seen the positive
results we’d hoped for with athletes using
your Protector in rodeo competition. Those athletes
range from youth rodeo to professional rodeo.
I know I’ll do my part to encourage the use of
today’s most positive piece of protective gear.

It’s affordable, effective, and easy to set up.

What more can any athlete ask for?"

*For your continued growth and recognition,

Lyle Sankey
-Two Time NFR Champion / CEO Sankey Rodeo School

FHSRA understands rider safety;
agrees to put 'Brain-Pads' to the test !



Hello my name is Josh Black:
Ever since I was in a rodeo accident
where the major injury could have been prevented by your
mouthpiece. I have worn, supported, and helped the idea
come along for the Florida High School Rodeo
to use your mouthpieces.

I truly believe that your mouthpiece is the best.

Myself and my riding partners will continue
to use your guards and support you !

fl_rodeo_girl1.gif fl_rodeo_horsesflags.gif fl_rodeo_girl2.gif
- COWBOY UP !!!!!

& your TMJ protected.

RIDE HARD?  Better get a Brain-Pad Jaw-Joint Protector!



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