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Tough is tough. And that he is.
But smart also goes a long way towards success -
Boxing & MMA share an ever-present danger -
Jaw Impact Injuries.

Sanchez pictured wearing Brain-Pad’s PRO+ Black and Gray
Jaw-Joint Protector Guard

Proof-positive that even the
toughest must be smart enough to understand the risks of competing
with an unprotected, or poorly protected lower jaw.

What is the #1 target for Boxing success ?

. . . The Lower Jaw !
! !

The Brain-Pad keeps jaw secured & stable at impact, decreasing
the incidence of Base-of-Skull & jaw-joint injury, reducing the:

“Glass Jaw Syndrome”
experienced by many boxers.

Brain-Pad is true dual-arch 'bi-molar' protection !
State Boxing Commissions begin to require/recommend dual-arch
mouth guards !

DATE:   December 26, 2012 TO:  All Boxing/MMA Gyms

FROM:  Gregory P. Sirb, Executive Director Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission

The Pennsylvania Athletic Commission would like to take this opportunity to inform all fighters about the use of a "mouth piece".  As per state law a mouthpiece is required.  The Commission would encourage all fighters to consider a dual-arch mouthpiece - one that fits both the upper and lower teeth.

If you or your manager/promoter has any questions concerning this issue, feel free to contact my office - 717-787-5720.

Gregory P. Sirb
PA. State Athletic Commission
2601 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA. 17110


Does your mouth guard let your jaw
'SLIDE and SLAM!' your TMJ
and Base of skull ?
Brain-Pad reduces the jaw displacement seen in the picture above.
Brain-Pads are patened, dual arched, true bi-molar, Jaw-Joint ProtectorsTM.

3xs-wp1 pro_hdr_160x133 a_pro_hp_hdr_160x133


Above: Brain-Pad's PRO+ protecting the TMJ's/Jaw-Joint
Sockets from a sweat-splatting strong punch -
Protecting the Jaw protects the Base of skull !


" Each contestant shall equip himself and use
throughout a contest a custom made,
individually fabricated mouth protector.

The CPBF endorses and recommends the
use of the Brain-Pad Protector to
provide increased protection to the jaw joint
and base of the skull and reduce
the incidence of injury. "

Traditional Mouthguards:

Most mouthguards do not provide
for the locking capability of the upper
and lower teeth (interdigitation).

The Lower Jaw slides...
against the smooth underside of the
upper only mouthguard


the vital TMJ Sockets !

Use a BRAIN-PAD and avoid this
needless truama to the TMJ &
base of skull !

To increase the safety of boxing, the World Boxing
Association strongly recommends use of a jaw
joint protector and takes the front line of defense
against jaw joint injuries.
Gilberto Mendoza, WBA President
"The IFBA gives its full endorsement of the Brain Pad
because it is far superior than conventional upper
mouthguards but more importantly gives true protection
to the TMJ area, a primary safety concern for our
Jackie Kallen, IFBA Commissioner

3xs-wp1 pro_hdr_160x133 a_pro_hp_hdr_160x133



Recommended by: WBA

Recommended by: AIBA

Recommended by: World Combat League

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